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Treating Sleep Apnea

Our entire team is here to help. We have made it our mission to help patients that have obstructive sleep apnea and can’t tolerate or are unable to wear a CPAP. Oral appliances can be life saving devices if you or your loved one are not treating their obstructive sleep apnea. A consultation visit is where you need to start and it is a very simple visit to see if you are a candidate for a Mandibular Advancement Device. BOOK A CONSULTATION

need a different solution than cpap?

It has truly changed my world.  It is amazing how much better I feel now that I’m getting a good nights rest.  My mood has certainly improved, just ask my family! And I now have energy to live my life instead of forcing myself off the couch.

-Phyllis Q.

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Take Three Steps and Treat your OSA


Book a consultation visit today to see if you are a candidate for appliance therapy to treat your sleep apnea. Dr. Lefty will assess your dental health and go over sleep apnea treatment options. If you do not have a current sleep test, we will also discuss that as well. BOOK A CONSULTATION


Your second visit will occur after we have verified your medical insurance coverage and you are aware of your out of pocket costs, if any, for your appliance. We will scan your teeth with our 3D impression scanner.

Receive your Appliance

Time to Celebrate! Your third visit is when you receive your appliance!