Spa Services

Dr.Acula Facial with PRF

  • Laser Microneedle followed with liquid PRF

  • Improve skin texture, restoring younger, more vibrant appearance
  • Requires blood draw procedure to make liquid PRF.  Can be substituted with Vitamin C Serum.

  • 24-72 hour down time, followed by peeling


  • Intra-Oral Laser Treatment for reducing facial wrinkles
  • Builds collagen to lift skin
  • Helps reduce/eliminate dark circles
  • Recommend one session per decade of life

Vector Forehead and Brow Lift

  • Build collagen, lifts forehead and brow, Natural botox alternative

  • Little Downtime, will have slight peeling

  • Improves look of fine lines and wrinkles in eye area

Smooth Prevention

  • Build collagen and prevent further collagen loss

  • Helps prevent premature skin aging

  • A preventive measure or to freshen skin, will not remove deep lines and wrinkles


  • Natural, Plump lips without chemicals

  • No downtime

  • 3 treatments recommended, 3 weeks apart and then every 4 months as desired

Upper/Lower Eye Tightening

  • Improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes

  • Helps build natural collagen, natural botox alternative

  • Little to no downtime, may have very slight peeling


  • For reducing fine to deep set lines and wrinkles and to correct skin imperfections

  • Great for improving skin texture following Smoothlase treatment

  • Will have minor to major peeling depending on depth selected, 24hrs to 1 week downtime